It's OFFICIAL! My goal was 100% met and recording and production is underway. Estimated release is August 17th!! Stay tuned for more updates and teasers as the date gets closer!

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Project Overview

Tired of cookie-cutter christian radio music? Wish Christian music had more searing guitar leads and instrumental breaks to simply enjoy the music as God intended?

Welcome to my musical journey that's almost 20 years in the making. Music has power similar to nature. When it hits you deep it's a feeling like no other. It can fill you with awe, love, instant peace, joy, crazy excitement and wonder. God has used music almost my entire life to communicate with me and draw me closer to him. It has helped me through the toughest times, and made the best of times even better! 

This started as a kickstarter, but I couldn't bare to see $1500 of the raised funds going straight into Kickstarter's pocket! With paypal, processing fees are only about 3.5% vs 15%!

I am also now poised to use an online mastering company to finalize the album song's production instead of a costly studio, which equates to about $5,500 less funds needed! Can't beat that!

That said, I still need your help and even though this is no longer a kickstarter campaign I still want to say thank you where I can based on what level you are willing to pledge! Of course, you are always welcome to opt out in the comments during your donation "checkout" by saying no thank you to rewards.

With this project, my goal is not to simply publish blues/rock/worship album,, that's cool and all but the real purpose is to share music that (I pray) is passionate and interesting enough to appeal to believers and non-believers alike. Songs that you find yourself humming later are the ones that can make an imprint on a heart, cause change for the better, or ignite worship in your quiet time or time of need.

I've been writing songs since I started playing guitar almost 20 years ago with most of this album being written over the last 10 years. These songs are from my experiences with God and life, with themes of acceptance, healing, discouragement, anger, joy, victory or feeling rejected. Some of the themes come directly from the word, some were born out simply playing my guitar or piano and some as the spirit prompted me with a phrase or idea. 

In "Precious King" I'm still learning to rest and just enjoy the wonder of God. The heart of "Heal" is to fight FOR the people around us. They/We were important enough for Jesus to sacrifice himself for, so we need to take the call serious to love those around us. My Child is an honest cry of what we owe God but His response is all He wants is us. I believe these songs are a fresh take on authentic Christian music as I hope you can hear in the video.

So to get down to it, I started this fundraiser because I need your help to finally get this album recorded and released with the funds from this going towards key equipment purchases, such as quality cables, a new microphone, additional sound insulation, software plugins, all of which will save costly studio and mastering time, as there are easily over 150 individual takes/instruments/tracks I will have to re-record and tweak prior to mastering. This is estimated to take 1-2 months of time to finish writing, capture, re-record these tracks which, of course, will take away from my day-to-day job.

I have planned for years to make it a point to record and release these songs, and God-willing, recruit a band to play these songs wherever possible, ideally for the unsaved as well as to encourage believers outside of the usual church settings. I do not care if I make a dime from these and future songs as the main goal is to share what God has given me. Will you help me kickoff this new phase of the Journey?


God Breathed

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I've been playing guitar for almost 20 years as well as drums, piano and bass. I've been writing God-focused music for almost as long. I've dabbled in recording and producing over the years but never officially produced or released anything. Beyond being just a musician, I have been involved in worship ministry, both as a volunteer as well as a paid minister since I started playing guitar. Music is a constant source of inspiration and passion that has always been there when I needed it. My deepest desire is to share this passion with others on a professional level from this point on.

I am also a marketing guru, a husband of 16 years, and a dad of 3 amazing kids. We have a small homestead in Hernando, FL doing our best to live counter-culturally and dependant on God.